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Today’s business environment is challenging companies to use their resources for their core competencies and consider outsourcing IT services. To stay competitive, outsourcing of the internal software development / maintenance burden has become a necessity for many firms and IT managers. The Cost Savings fall as a complimentary benefit with the performance of our development teams.

Outsourcing IT operations allows a cost-effective access to a deeper and wider range of IT skills, through a whole team of specialized engineers, without having to manage IT resources in-house.

We develop competent solutions in the fields of Web Application Development, Customized Application development, mobile software programming and application integration spanning a range of industries including financial services, ecommerce, healthcare and media. We provide high quality work that complies with international standards.

Infinity outsourcing advantage :

Diverse domain expertise : Our end-to-end process knowledge and deep domain expertise enables us to deliver mission critical services in these verticals.

InfiShore Engagement Model : mavly engages its client at all relevant layers of the organization. We interact closely with process specialists and executive managers to gain strategic insight into processes.

Transition Management : mavly has a proven transition methodology that addresses process, people, and platform and infrastructure issues for a successful outsource implementation. At the planning stage, the project leader spells out a comprehensive transition plan for each process, a flexible ramp up plan and a detailed framework for executing and managing the project on an ongoing basis.

Process Optimization : Our processes enable us to deploy solutions consistently at the higher end of the Outsource value chain. Such processes translate into significant savings in 'time-to-market'.


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