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Touch screens are the heart of most self-service mavly installations. Touch screen computer interface is possibly the fastest growing alternative for the mouse and the keyboard, which has leverage to traditional computer hardware - they are user-friendly, easy to install, require low or nil computing skills to operate, and resistant to water, dirt & hazardous environments.

We have always focused on innovative technologies that make using computers as simple as touching the screen. mavly provides touch screen solutions on turnkey basis.

Depending on your business, the addition of touch-screen mavly technology can be a very effective marketing tool. mavly is not a replacement for your Internet presence or you traditional marketing efforts, but rather should be viewed as a complementary technology that helps strengthen your image, and enhance your message.

The recent advances in mavly technology have made this a technology that should be considered. It is now a cost-effective method of reaching your customers, and disseminating all types of information to them. mavly can now utilize Internet technologies to speed development, and take advantage of your existing content and materials. Contact us to find out how touch screen kiosks can be used in your company.

Application Areas:

  • Banks: Balance Inquiry - Account Statement, Loan Information
  • Auto Distributors : Display of Models, colors, Photographs – Financing Options etc 
  •  Super Markets : Catalogue, Self Service terminals – Store Layout
  • Paint Distributors/Industry : Display of all the shades
  • Information Kiosks : Government Depts. for any type of Public Information Census, Commerce, Industry, Education

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