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Internet marketing and advertisement is the most adopted way to sell anything on the internet successfully, which requires distinctive internet marketing strategies. By combining the power of internet marketing strategists, outstanding technology and our marketing tools, mavly is able to create high performance internet marketing campaigns, turn around underperforming ones, and ensure that once successful, they remain successful.

Our technical expertise adds more fruits to serve the return on investment for all your web marketing activities, as for any marketing activities, there is a strong need to calculate the return on investment, and mavly experts are determinant with this concern. We define a campaign as a specific ad outlet or activity designed to bring traffic and conversions (sales) to your site. We focus on the marketing objects given below :

  • Reach target audience
  • Build your brand
  • Generate sales leads
  • Launch new products
  • List your products and services
  • Build online product sales

Typical campaigns may include email offerings, seasonal advertising, pay-per-click search engine campaigns and banner campaigns. We can track and adjust your campaigns based on:

  • Amount spent on advertising for each campaign
  • Number of visitors each campaign is responsible for
  • Conversion rate for each campaign (visitors to sales)
  • Key phrases that bring the most visitors and sales to your site
  • Key phrases that bring traffic but not conversions
  • Investment spent per day on each campaign to better manage your budget
  • Banner ad impressions to visitors to directly related sales
  • Investment spent per day, or per campaign for budget management
How can you determine where to adjust your web marketing if you are not measuring these elements in detail? The short answer is that  you can't. If you are not collecting metrics on your specific campaigns, then your strategy is to just spend marketing dollars and see if "it" works. There is a better way ... a much better way. Contact us to find out more.



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