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In today's worlds, you company realizes that wireless network has leverage in shared data over traditional system. Whether it's enabling field operators to transmit their data to a central location or simply messaging and collaborating from one point to the next, wireless platform is becoming central point to your compnay's communication needs with the ability to share information with wireless technology.

And while wireless capabilities certainly offer businesses convenience, they are not a cure-all for business technology problems. To create customized applications that suit your particular business needs for collaborating and managing data, those applications must be according to your specific business rules and business logic. mavly has the expertise to help you solve those core issues and make use of the features that current wireless technologies offer.

Just as in the early migration of information from paper to digital, the company must consider the following criteria:


  • What application is best suited your needs, i.e., pre-built, custom app, or a little bit of both?


  • What devices are best suited to the application, i.e., Palm, iPaq, H3600, Pocket PC, Cassiopeia, Blackberry, etc.


  • What connectivity is best suited for the use, i.e., Wireless, VPN, BlueTooth, G3, GPRS, etc.


  • What middleware might be required to create a seamless application and provide the best security for data, etc.?


  • What is the "Back End" or the basic "Integration Points" across the network, i.e., file servers, web servers, database servers, email servers, Exchange servers, etc.

mavly has expertise in various mobile data technologies such as SMS, WAP, GPRS, and 3G, and in services and applications such as games applications, mobile commerce, messaging, ring-tones and vehicle positioning.
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